Monday, June 27, 2011


Crazy daddy & Gabe after shower time! Michael goes to Gabe tonight..."Hey Gabe, want to take a shower with daddy?" His response was immediate head shaking "no" and "take shower mommy". Boom! Guess I'm just more fun in the shower!  And yes he's 2 so we sometimes have him just shower with's quick and he thinks it's super-cool.

 Check out his mohawk. Gabe's cuter, smarter, sweeter and ornerier every day! Last night he was outside playing ball with daddy. Then Daddy had him carry in a dead cicada to show mommy. Needless to say i screamed so Gabe then screamed and threw it on the floor! haha! It took Michael awhile to convince him to pick it back up and throw it away. I took him to the splash park/ jungle gym today and when a wasp landed on me i screamed and Gabe did the same. I think i'm passing on my fear of bugs to Gabe. That's not bad right?
 Some recent cool things Gabe is doing: going to the bathroom by himself! It's pretty much the best thing ever. He'll tell us pee pee or poopies so we say...okay Gabe go do it! So he runs into the bathroom and shuts the door, drags over the stool, pulls down his pants and goes to business! It's totally awesome! He needs a little help at the end but hey...i'll take it!
  We pass over this river called the Roubideaux (pronounced rue-beh-do) on our way into Waynesville. He calls it the "river-do". We took him on a hike (the engineer trail) and saw 2 baby frogs and a baby box turtle. So all day he kept repeating, "froggies. two froggies. Turtle. baby turtle". He loves to sing. Constantly. In fact we have to ban him from singing at meals or he won't eat and just sing the whole time. His eating has improved lately. He's finally eating better portions and chewing his food. Sometimes he slips back into his old habits..but for the most part we think he's starving so he'll eat.
 Pretty roses from my hubby just cuz :) He's the best! He snuck them into the cart at the grocery store and surprised me with them!
We have the cradle all set up for "baby sister". Looks a bit different then when it was ready for Gabe! We actually have to ban Gabe from it because he wants to put tiger in it and rock it rather roughly. Gabe's favorite thing to do right now is anything outside! He loves dragging his wagon around, attempting summer-saults and running in circles. He especially loves it when we take him over to a park with slides, ladders and tunnels. He's better and better at climbing every time we go!
  I finally re-organzied my linen closet. Nesting? perhaps. I should've cleaned it out months's so much better. No labor signs yet. Once I'm over 36 weeks though, game over! Michael & I are getting into the part of this pregnancy (especially me) where we just want to have the baby! I know she needs another month to fatten up a bit but ahhhhhhhh! I'd like to meet her sooner rather than later :)
  We had a nice weekend full of water-park adventures, naps, bbqs and walking. I swear Nulkie's gonna walk me every evening to get this baby to get in optimal position! I hope all your weekends were pleasant.


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