Friday, June 17, 2011

Josh Turner - Why Don't We Just Dance

Hello all-
We'll be enjoying this delicious singer tomorrow evening. With no Gabe! We plan on whipping out our cowboy boots & stetsons and doing some two-stepping while eating mass quantities of fried foods! Yesss please.  Were staying at the Hilton in Springfield, IL which just happens to be city of Lincoln. Most of you know i have more than a healthy dose of admiration for our 16th president so I simply can't think of a better place to celebrate our 4 yr anniversary. We plan on dropping Gabe off early at our sweet friends' house and hitting up as many Lincoln sites as Michael can stand. Then maybe a dip in the pool and a nice dinner. Or a nap. Ya without a toddler. What was that like again? Then we'll head to the concert in the evening. Bring on Joshy boy.  We are sooo excited!

Don't think we havent been busy around here though...after much deliberation  I made this blanket for Baby Evie. Lets just say that satin blanket binding is the bane of my existence. The sewing machine has been packed up and i probably won't be in the mood to sew again until my Mom (whose a super-sewer) can tutor me.  I'm definitely NO martha stewart and my zig zag stitch looks like a blind person sewed it...but it's done and soft and the baby won't be able to tell what an awful seamstress her mother is at least for a few years!
 My home-made burp clothes came out a bit better.
 Nulkie has been busy too...he snazzed up our Adirondack chairs that he made 4 yrs ago! We picked out this awesome paint...appropriately called "turquoise tint" and i think they turned out awesome! We are ready for the southwest!
 Captain America and his mini-hulk!


Vince Nulk said...

Evie will sleep sweetly under her pretty blanket! love the color of the chairs and the inhabitants too! Love, Nana and Gramps

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