Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Mex Visit

 Running around at a rest stop to burn off some toddler energy. This was on the way out...before my eyes exploded!
 Pink eye won't stop a pool party :)

 We made it to the natural history museam

 Gabe was fascinated with all the "big dinosaurs".
Gabe had a great visit with his Nana & Gramps! Unfortunately I can't say exactly the same for NUlkie & I. After 15 hrs in the car Nulkie had to take me to the ER where we spent the night waiting to see a dr. Turns out I was having some type of allergic reaction to the eye drops (both eyes were burning and super swollen for 6+ hrs) and i had to stop using them. I was misdiagnosed with bacterial conjunctivitis when in reality i had viral. Viral includes symptoms of sinus congestion; runny nose, sore throat..etc. So with viral there's no antibiotic to take (tin fact the eye drops just set me back more)..just have to let it run it's course. So i was pretty much worthless the first few days. Nulkie also got the pink eye (aka the stink eye) in both eyes! Grrr! So we spent most of our time resting with warm compresses on our eyes. I think we went though 100 wash cloths! So we were kinda a bummer this trip...but miraculously Gabe never got the bad pink eye and he was healthy as a horse. We were very grateful to have happy energetic grandparents to watch Gabe while we rested and tried to decontaminate ourselves! Thanks for all your help and hospitality! Next visit will be much better...especially since we'll have the newest little Nulk! I hope all your memorial weekends were pleasant!


Anonymous said...

Pink eye and all, we enjoyed having the opportunity to see you and hang around with Gabe. Love, Gramps aka Dad

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