Friday, June 10, 2011

Water activities

 What should you do after 16 hrs in the car with pink eye? Wash the truck, naturally. This was the morning after driving home from New Mex. Gabe was only too pleased to help daddy scrub off half the bug population of Oklahoma splattered all over the truck.
 Gabe loves filling up the bucket. Or spraying people with the hose.

 Like father like son. Michael had stripped off his shirt so immediately Gabe started saying "shirt off, shirt off" and pulled his off too.
 Check out my Man-candy. Yes please :)

 this is my idea of a water activity. Buying this kiddie pool was the best $20 bucks we've spent all summer. Gabe plays in it every day while i supervise. He loves to splash my legs and cool me off. Nulkie also created a nice shade area so it's very nice to sit out there with you're feet dipped in the pool.
Look at that string bean! Doesn't anyone ever feed this child? I try. I slather butter on everything for him so he gets the extra calories. Doesn't matter though..he burns everything off. Wish i had that problem. As you can see, I'm entering the beastly-please-don't-take-my-pic part of this pregnancy. I feel like no matter what i eat, i get MASSIVE by the end. Good times. It really helps when you're hubby is super-fit and says things to you like "whoa you look super preggo today". What a sweetheart. Anyhow were in the final 7 wksish till D-day. Here's to hoping Evie decides to be merciful and arrive in late July rather than pushing me into august! We're getting impatient to meet our next little one! I've been doing some sewing projects to prepare for her arrival. Nothing too difficult-- some embellished burp clothes and a custom blanket.
    This weekend we were supposed to go camping with church friends at Johnson's Shut-ins. Unfortunately I woke up at 4 am with a crusted over eye that was throbbing. You know what that eye again! Blah! I've been recovered a whole week and it gets me again. Michael was reluctant to leave me, but i convinced him to take Gabe camping anyways. So it's just me & the doggies in a quarantine of sorts trying to recover again. This time doesn't seem so eye is definitely not gunking quite as much as my first round. Maybe i've built up a tolerance? It's amazing how quiet it gets here with no Gabe/hubby. Oh well. They'll be back tomorrow evening sometime. I think that's the latest with us. Michael has another week of "summer break" and then he begins his final semester of grad school! Next weekend some sweet friends are watching Gabe so we can go see Josh Turner in concert! And i'm going pink eye and all if that's what it takes! Hope you all have great weekends and clear eyes!


Ahn said...

oh my gosh! pink eye again? the worst.

you look great...and i wish i had my feet in that water too.

Anonymous said...

You've got to feed Gabers more sweets. He looks like a bean pole. (just kidding). ny dad

Uncle Wes Dawg aka "The Glue" said...

Looks like Mike could use a little love from Mr. Sun

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