Friday, January 6, 2012

 Christmas break was awesome. We spent 2 weeks in NY and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Sorry it's taken me so long to update the blog....i know all 13 of my readers are anxiously awaiting news on the Nulks. I feel so hip right now blogging on our (michael's) macbook. I might as well be sipping some over-priced french coffee to really fit the cliche. Anyhow NY was great. The fam all got to meet Evie who is pretty much the cutest, sweetest chunkiest baby of all time. I just want to eat her.
 example of me wanting to eat her. Could she get any cuter? The answer is yes. She does everyday! Proof is below.
 We took a family hike a few days into our visit. That's where most of these pics are from. We have about 800 pics from Christmas so you'll be getting little snippets of our visit. I think that builds the suspense.

 Gabe had a blast. The uncles LOVED riling Gabe up when it was close to bed time. I can't wait till they have kids and we can dish up a nice plate of payback!!!
 See what i mean? Cutest!
 Look at me blowing bubbles!
 Ah, the happy grandparentals. We used to do this hike when Gabe was Evie's age and was front-packed.

 Check out those winter boots! Those were a x-mas present from the hubby. He wants to make sure my skinny feet stay warm in the cold colorado weather. Wait yesterday it was 65 here. Newsflash colorado it's winter. Must be that global warming business al gore discovered. Along with those boots Nulkie got me Jillian Michaels' 30 day shred and some weights. Nothing says i love you like a weight loss dvd. He would argue he got it for me because i had mentioned my friend doing it and liking it. Whatevs. So far i've done 3 days and have a 6-pack so i guess it works. Actually that's not true. I'm just super sore and want to punch Jillian Michael's in the face. Incidentally, our friend Matt said: "I love my six-pack abs so much i'm protecting them with a  layer of fat". Yes, please to that.
 Look at my stud. And in a Mater hat...could life be any better?

 hiking is exhausting.
 Gabe walked all the way to the waterfall but hitched a ride with daddy on the way out. Michael is singing camp songs to Gabe to keep him happy.  As you can see from the pics, the weather was pretty mild in NY. No snow and temps in the 40s and 50s. Did this warmer weather stop me from having a fire in the family room every night? No it did not. Much to everyone's chagrin, i turned that puppy on as frequently as possible. There's nothing i love more than a good book, some hot cocoa and a cozy fire. Total bliss. My grandma says it's a weird habit Pilons have- we like to warm our backsides by the fire. Well that's the latest. Hope all is well with you. Will post more pics from vacay in a bit!


Ahn said...

LOVE your sweater and evie's hat. too cute.

Matthew Nulk said...

You Officially have a 14 followers now!! Only about 50,000 more until you get sponsored, lol

Unknown said...

Thanks for the note. You know, Laurie, I have been there. Ian was 10 months when Johnwent to Vietnam. We are 5 minutes from the Thruway now. Not far..please call if you need anything!

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