Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Gabe!

 Happy 3rd Birthday to my lil' buddy! You are such a big boy now!
 You are: enthusiastic and loud!
 you are happy and willing to try new things
 You are creative: you love to play pretend.
 You are affectionate: you love to sit on laps and give hugs and kisses
 You are: a stinker at mealtimes! You do not like to stop playing to sit and eat!
 You are a total goofball! You are also very smart, clever and a bit sassy (a lot sassy) at times!
 You are: the most handsomest, adorable little boy i know!
You are a wonderful big brother! You help me out my talking to Evie when she's fussing. She lights up when you pay attention to her!

 You are curious about everything. You love to try/touch everything everyone is doing.

 You are a ham! You love an audience.
 See that smile on his face? Pure joy! We were singing happy birthday and he was just ecstatic!
We love you Gabe! You are the best son, brother, grandson, nephew and cousin! Everyday is a new adventure for you and we can't wait to watch the next year as you continue to grow and learn! Thanks to all our family and friends that love on our little boy! He is one blessed guy :) 


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