Monday, January 23, 2012

Crusty Butts

 Excited to have some family visiting!
 kissing camels at Garden of the Gods
 Vacay! Boo-ya!

 Family dinner at Ft. Carson!
 Scenery on the drive to Crested Butte. Ah-maz-ing!!

 Hiking in Crested Butte. Note: I have no children with me. Also note: TZ is the cutest dresser/hiker ever!

 View from our Condo. Crusty Butts doesn't allow franchises so it maintains that rustic, small town charm. I wouldn't mind living in one of those houses either.

 Evie had fun in the condo. She's working hard at trying to sit up,

 Taking Gabe sledding on the slopes!

 Typical V & T pic.

 We got to sneak away one day for a hike. Evie has made it a bit difficult for me to leave her with anyone. That whole not wanting to take a bottle/soilds deal is tricky! Were still working on it.
 We love Aunt TZ!
 It didn't snow the whole time we were there till the morning of departure. The guys got in a few hours of skiing on fresh powder in a blizzard!
 Where are the mtns?

We took this trip over MLK weekend. McGregor organized the whole trip...great job! We had a pet-friendly ski in/ski out condo. What did i do you might be wondering? Well i did get out for a few walks, but i was mainly housebound with Gabe & Evie. I had to suffer by the toasty fire and read a book :) It was fun, a little tricky with babies that can't ski. But super-gorgeous. Nulkie & i are already planning on coming back in July to see the wildflowers! Thanks for the great trip everyone!


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