Wednesday, January 25, 2012

 LOVE this baby girl!
 Today Gabe was running around the house driving me crazy so i said forget chores, lets go to the dog park and then have a picnic at the nearby playground. Evie even ate a little bit of oatmeal cereal mixed with water (maybe about a tablespoon) which is a major score. Usually she's impatient and spits everything out, but i think she actually swallowed a bit today. Anyways back to the dog park. So i packed some PB & Js, pretzels, fruit snacks (obvi), drinks and we rolled out. Gabe walked the whole loop and happily pointed out every dog dump "dat's poopies mommy. dat's big poopies". Of course as soon as we arrived he said he wanted to go pee-pee. And yes i took him before we left. So i said Gabe try and stay all dry while we do our walk and then we'll find someplace to go. He's easily distracted and soon forgot needing to use the bathroom when there were dirty sticks and rocks to pick up and throw (which drives the retrieving dogs crazy and earns me dirty looks). He even tried to scoot down the river bank on his butt to follow the dogs in the river--i caught him just in time. By the end of the walk he remembered he needed to go and asked again. I was debating taking him behind a bush when lo and behold i saw a port-a-potty. It was basically the thrill of the lifetime for Gabe to go in the "porterpotti"! He talked about it all afternoon. "we go in green porterpotti mommy, we go in green porterpotti!". Suffice to say it was super-nasty and i should've just taken him behind a bush!
 Evie is doing great. I'm just SO thankful to have a little girl of my own. She is too much fun! She's so cuddly and content..a big chunk of happiness as Aunt TZ says! Last night we met Nulkie at headquarters for an FRG meeting. He held Evie most of it and she just cooed at him. She was blowing raspberries and smiling at him the whole 45 mins! I swear she was telling him about her day or something. He even thinks he heard her say "da". We both have heard her say "mama", but it's only in times of stop forcing this bottle on me!
Here she is with her new sippie cup. She loves grabbing the handles and bringing it to her mouth to chew on. She maybe lets a few drops of milk in but i think that's about it. Oh well i'll keep offering it to her!
Gabe had a great time at the playground. He even ate his whole sandwich (at lightening speed) so he could get down from the bench and play with "wittle boys and wittle girls". He proceeded to throw sand in one little girls hair and i had to make him apologize but other than that it was great. Gabe had a blast, doggies were happy, and it was beautiful weather. Hope you all had nice days too. I gotta get the little guys up now and then start dinner. Beef & broccoli in the wok..yum!

Side note: I'm not privatizing yet. I started too, but realized it's kinda annoying so I'm waiting until Nulkie actually leaves the country. Then i'll work on it.


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