Thursday, March 29, 2012

Easter came early this year...

 Easter bunny came early this year....and since the kiddos have no clue when Easter actually occurs...doesn't matter! We did it early since my parents will be in Oregon and my grandparents were visiting.
 Gabe's new grill. Boo yah. We've been having burgers and mac n cheese made for us daily. Gabe was "grilling" for Grandpa the other night  and Grandpa said, "no more food Gabe, i'm full. I'm gonna get big and fat". So Gabe still keeps making him stuff- then eventually he sat down and says to Grandpa "you big and fat Grandpa!". Haha. Rude! But funny.
 checkin' out the loot

 Woody & Bullseye! No way!
 Evie's basket is way more exciting. The rest of the afternoon he served us all tea from her tea set. Daddy would be so proud.

 Cool baby!

 playing with Great Grandma
 Not his best. He would not smile for me. Must mean BEDTIME

Insert thumb= sleepy time.

Were doing good here. Evie & I both have colds were recovering from- so taking it easy by the fire. Tough life. Gabe continues to be rambunctious and a stinker potty. Also, it seems he acts out more as Evie can do more. Mr. Attention seeker feels threatened. Like Evie has been rolling a lot lately so we all cheer and cheer. So the other day Evie was down for a nap and Gabe was in the living room rolling across the carpet saying" wook at me mom, wook at me wrolling!". Good job, three year old, good job. He also will Skype with Daddy and then asks for daddy "to come out here". He wants him to leave the computer screen and come out. Breaks your heart a little bit. I feel ya Gabe, i feel ya. Wish Daddy could apparate here (warning-harry potter reference) and come hang out! Instead, he's busy chucking rocks and partying with the Afghans. That Nulkie. He can smell competition from a mile away. Hope ya'll are doing well!


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