Thursday, March 29, 2012

Michael says this guy "poked the bear" so he choked him out. 

Shot-put competition with some Afghans. Michael was diplomatic enough to tie. Gotta love that upper white man thigh.

This is how Michael introduces himself in pashtu: zama num turan nulk deh.  Means= My name is CPT Nulk. Whenever he said this the Afghans would smirk and point to their fingernail. Apparently the afghan word for fingernail is very similar to the word Nulk. So he's officially CPT Fingernail! But now he introduces himself as Cpt Mike.

Also, he told me a funny story today. I guess they have a weekly meeting where someone is awarded the dubious honor of this big 3-ft plastic war eagle. Michael was voted this weeks winner because of his blonde moment. There are some pics of Afghan VIPs posted on the walls in their building and Michael was asking MAJ Ski who they were. So MAJ Ski explains who the first guy was- some afghan war hero. Then Mike asks who the next guy is.  MAJ Ski says, "are you serious?" "Yes, sir". "That's president Karzai". "oh, i thought his hair was darker". Haha! Needless to say Michael felt like an airhead. And he gets to place the war eagle outside his door for a week. He painted a engineer castle on the back of it to mollify himself.

Nulkie said i should share that story with you. Stay safe Nulkie, love ya!!


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