Monday, March 12, 2012

Evie & Gabe

Probably only Michael will appreciate this video so here ya go Nulkie! It's Gabe & Evie interacting at 7am. Just my usual scenario. For some reason when were in NY, Gabe has to wake up by 7, usually before. I'm drinking some serious coffee these days. Evie's sitting REAL good now. And she's rolling from back to tummy(she did the other way first). She's just the cutest baby ever. Love you Nulkie! Happy 7 mths to Evinator!

Oh and a weaning update. I am DONE breastfeeding!! HAHA. Eat that le leche league. I was open to nursing longer- but 4 bouts of mastitis kinda killed that dream. And she quit just in time cuz her first tooth popped through! Bottom left and she's chewing on everything!


Anonymous said...

cutiest little smile evieface! love daddy

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