Sunday, March 18, 2012

Our weekend

 Hey Ya'll! I'm just chillin' here with my purse. Thanks for the pretty outfit Aunt Carolyn!!
 AHH! She is just sooo stinkin' cute. I love this age so much. 90% of the time she is happy and content. I wish i could freeze time!
 I know you won't believe me, but we think her face is thinning out a bit. You're probably wondering if she's ever mad? See the next photo
 Teething stinks mom! This is the only photo i could get to show off her new teeth on the bottom row!
 All prettied up for church. Note, this was my baby dress my Grandma Marie sewed me for my first birthday (we think it was my 1st bday). Butterball has to wear it at 7 mths!
 She's already completely enchanted the nursery staff at church. I think I had 4 different ladies rave about how sweet and wonderful she was! It's so nice for this mama to hear :) And lets face it, she's pretty much the best baby ever.
 I know it seems like this has become an Evie-blog rather than a balanced one between her and Gabe. The main reason is Evie sits still smiling at me, Gabe does not. Evie is basically beckoning me to photograph her and Gabe is highly resistant to doing anything i say in general. So therefore Evie gets dibs on the camera footage these days. In my defense, i have over 3000 images of Gabe when Michael was deployed in Iraq so Gabe is still dominating in computer memory.
 Chasing Uncle Luke with a stick, what could be more fun? BTW, this was today and it's 73 degrees out! In March! Yes please, to global warming. We like it!
Catching some rays before dinner.

Our weekend was nice and chill. I got to do some baby-less shopping, take walks in the glorious weather, skype date with Nulkie and relax. Win-win in my book. Hope you're all having a nice spring. Go outside! It's good for you!


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