Thursday, March 22, 2012

 At Five Rivers enjoying this glorious weather. I'm pretty sure Evie has maxed out the Baby Bjorn- time to hit up the kelty backpack. Let's face it, Miss Chunkypants is not getting any smaller, or lighter. My shoulders were killing me by the end of this walk. Where's my big strapping husband when i need him? Oh right, protecting our country. No biggie. LOVE you Nulkie!!!
 Whose bigger? I can't wait to blackmail Evie with these pics when she's in high school.
 Just doing some light reading in his easy chair.
 Eating cereal with Gram-mommy. He's basically tongue-tied with all the names he has to call people daily, so he's just blended them together. My dad is uncle-grampa (uncle wes + grandpa) and my mom is Grandmommy (grandma + Mommy). It's funny sometimes. Can't handle all these names! So far no one has been mixed up with Bella or Winston so that's good.

 Checkin' out his new ride! Grandpa got him a lil' John deere just like his big one. Gabe was funny- he wanted it to turn on. He has to pedal this one- no motors for this family. We expect our kids to work!

 now he's gettin' the hang of it. He kept saying, "hey guys, watch me! watch me on my tractor!".
Go greene or go home baby. We only drive deeres.

Nulkie is doing well. We love to see his handsome face on skype! He's mostly choppered around everywhere which is pretty fun for him. We miss him big time. I was doing a couple of the books Michael recorded for Gabe and Evie (those hallmark ones you can record your voice on each page) tonight. My mom had Evie on the floor drinking her fomula and I was up on the bed with Gabe playing the story. Evie was cooing, smiling and craning her neck to see where the voice was coming from. She KNEW it was daddy and wanted to find him...she could barely focus on eating (which is usually her priority) and kept squirming. Super cute. Gabe wanted me to "do again, do again".


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love/miss you guys-Daddy

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