Wednesday, June 2, 2010

All the LTs lined up (Note the big red head--yes he is indeed the big guy from Michael's USMA class...remember seeing him during Nulkie's graduation parade? He ended up in our battalion...small world.He's 6'9' and makes Michael look small!)

Pinning (velcrow-ing) on captain rank

Captain Nulk! Wooo HOO!!

Likes about yesterday:
Michael was promoted to Captain (which in army wife language = pay raise!)
We got paid the profits of our house sale
Our mortgage said "PAID IN FULL"
We ate dinner at olive garden to celebrate
Gabe was really good in the restaurant and greeted everyone who walked by like he was the mayor

The power went out for 7 hrs and it was 90+ degrees in our house
Our neighbor's dog starting to bark at 6 am
Gabe bit his lip
The kitchen sink spray hose broke and sprayed water all inside the cabinet below
The hallway bathroom wont stop dripping water no matter how hard you twist the knobs!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Captain Nulk! We're proud of you. Nice job pinning on DIL.
Mom N

Anonymous said...

Way to go Mike. Congratulations on making Captain!

You deserved the promotion and raise. Look forward to seeing you Captn.


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