Thursday, March 25, 2010

2-8 CAV Ball

3.5 yrs and 1 baby later....dress still fits!! (Thanks for the dress Mom!)

Yes, standing in front of the truck was Michael's idea. Nothing says high class like your F-150 as a backdrop for your formal pics!

Micheal's sporting some new bling this ball...including his bronze star ribbon! If you're really good (i couldn't tell you), you can figure out which one that is :)

Michael & 1SGT Lopez

Last night we attended the 2-8 cav ball. Our sweet friend Jill kindly watched Gabe for us and we had a fancy night out. Michael had to get all decked out in his blues, i got to recycle an old west point formal gown (i wore this to Michael's 100th night) and i was mucho excited it fit post baby! It was fun seeing everyone dressed up and meet a bunch of Michael's soldiers from both Bandog and Sapper. The Sappers were definitely one of the rowdiest groups--which was very enjoyable. I especially liked that all the sappers stood when Nicole Shaw (the sapper commander's wife and FRG leader) was awarded for all her hard work during the deployment. We only joined sapper 1/2 way through the tour, but she was excellent at passing along information, encouragement and being very accessible to all the wives and families of she really deserved to be recognized! The speaker...some general whose name i don't remember... gave a short and sweet speech which was awesome. After the social hour, greeting line, presentation of the colors, grog ceremony, dinner, awards presentation, slide was getting to be a pretty long night by the time the general was supposed to speak. We left soon after the dancing begun, we were pooped! I guess were turning into lame, old, tired married people after all :)!
Us with our friends Billy & Sara

Michael and some bandogs

Michael & a bunch of sapper soldiers

Alexis & I


Chantal said...

Wow you look great! I wouldn't be able to fit into any of my old dresses now that I have the babes. What is your secret??

Laurie and Mike said...

Well you had double that i did! :) I think you look great...and your babes are so cute!

Anonymous said...

You guys look great and Alexis looks pretty hot too. Mike will have to explain the bling to me. NY dad

Anonymous said...

Ron Says: WOW what a beautiful pair-my niece-in-law and nephew!

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