Saturday, March 6, 2010


When you're a new mom, inevitably you're going to meet those other moms who LOVE to brag about their baby's achievements. I was warned. And they are out there..I'm sure you know who i'm talking about. Their baby does everything first...rolling over, crawling, walking...etc. Well great. I'm here to brag about my baby..who, by the way, is way better than any other baby out there!

What brought this on? you might ask. Well i had saved Gabe's first set of casts (to fix his club feet) and I brought them out to show Michael and it dawned on me how amazing Gabe is. He may not be a "high speed" baby in terms of gross motor (rolling, crawling, walking..) but he is the most friendly, tolerant baby i know. For example, at 3 weeks old when he was first casted, he barley cried. The doc. and tech were amazed. They said most babies almost blow out their ear drums! One dose of baby Tylenol and he was set. Usually babies are casted immediately after they just have the casts on from day 1 virtually. Gabe had to adjust a little bit later. He also never cried when they had to be sawed off weekly (for 4 weeks). Then he was un-phased by the little plastic braces he had to wear. Only woke up a few times in the night when he was switched to the ghastly denis brown bar brace (looks like a medieval torture device).

He has been in the to new mexico and back twice. To new york and back twice. That's about 3500 miles in the car. with two dogs. and no dvd player. Would you want to do that with an infant? He'll eat on the go. He gave up formula and the bottle without a fight. He smiles at EVERYONE! No separation anxiety or mommy issues. He'll let anyone hold him, watch him, play with him. He's amazing! And he grew 12 inches in his first year and gained 22 lbs! Not to shabby for a mini-hulk.

Plus...he's just the cutest thing ever. Have you seen those glorious blue eyes? Also, he's a sharp little bugger. Tries to copy everything we do and takes in everything! here's the proof of his adorableness :)

The roses were from Michaels. He's a keeper :)


Anonymous said...

I'm sold. I'll take a slice of pie and Gabe.

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