Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy busy weekend

We've been SUPER busy all weekend...which explains my lack of blogging for a few days. Michael & I have been working like dogs to finish up the kitchen..which turns out is a big kitchen! It took 180 tiles, 1 large bucket of concrete, two bags of grout, 4 trips to lowes and 2 take-out dinners. But it is almost complete and that means i can start cooking again! The fridge and oven will go back in tonight and table and chairs will follow tommorow. All that is left is some sealing which is actually easy. Were really happy with how it turned out...it really looks awesome. Pics will follow as soon as everything is back in it's rightful place. Since we had either tile, or concrete or grout laying around, we had to barricade Gabe into the family. You can imagine Mr. social was none to pleased about this arrangement and on numerous occasions screamed bloody murder until someone came and played with him. That was fun. He also tried to wedge himself through the table to get to us. This meant i couldn't really help Michael until it was either naptime or bedtime! Anyways here are a few pics of him in the isolation chamber...


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