Monday, March 22, 2010

Pedernales Falls

Gabe LOVES the pack now...and fits really good in it now!

This is post toe-dipping. I had to coax him to give me a little smile since he thought Daddy might dip him again!

Mommy's safe...she won't stick me in that cold water

This past Thursday predicted low 70s /sunny. That, combined with Michael's desperate yearning to be outside hiking, led us down to the Pedernales Falls, a "close" texas state park that was a mere 2.5 hrs away. It actually was really fun and relaxing. We opted not to bring the dogs (seeing as it was spring break and this park had a leash law) and packed up a nice lunch, Gabe, baby sunscreen and headed out! Gabe of course, finally fell asleep 10 mins before reaching the park. So Michael & I ate our lunch in the truck bed while Gabe snoozed for 20 mins. Then we stripped him down to shorts and a t-shirt, an improvised sun hat, slathered him and Daddy in sunscreen and headed to the falls. The Falls were beautiful! I think it's the best park we've been to so far. I admit I was apprehensive at best...the past two parks we've visited were long drives and kinda lame (aka Colorado bend and lost maples) so i was pleasantly surprised this park was so nice! There was a beach, i got to lay in the sand and sunbathe a bit. Sun & sand = happy Laurie! Gabe was not so pleased about forced wading...everytime Michael dipped him in the water (and it was chilly) he screamed. But he was thrilled to sit on the beach blanket and play with stones and watch daddy skip rocks. He also doesn't like ANY sand on his feet. After Michael let me bask in the sand as long as he could stand it...(and one incident of gabe face planting in the sand and all on-lookers worries he was fine!) we decided to head out for our hike. We did about a 4 miler and Gabe did great! He even drank out of the camel-back, little genius that he is! All in all it was a fun day, we enjoyed breaking in our new hiking boots and being in the glorious sun!

Texas can be pretty!

550 cord can be used for everything! Michael rigged up that chin strap which worked awesome. Not to mention is super cute!

Our little genius. started sucking out the water immediately. Michael kindly pointed out that it was probably instinctual..except when it came to nursing from me!!

Ahh, some yummy applesauce on the trail. Does life get any better? :)


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great time! I recognize that t shirt on Gabe!
It looks very pretty!
Love, Mom/TP

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