Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New road, new carpet

Michael said our room looked like a hotel. Pardon the clothes on the bed...i didn't know he was planning on taking a pic. It is defintily an amazing improvement! Before was dingy, ratty, stained tan carpet. Now we have a luxurious darker tan..feels great on bare feet!

This is off trimmier...the road they've been "working" on for a year. One of the houses has a couple HUGE longhorns. Michael keeps envisioning those horns up on our wall...so far i've been able to defer him from any antlers or horns in our decorating. Well see how long that lasts.


Wes Dawg said...

As i've said for a couple years now. The horns would look great in the kitchen over the entrance into the living room. HOOK EM HORNS!

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