Thursday, March 11, 2010

A Guest Bathroom: Makeover Edition

Ahh here are the photos you've all been waiting for! Well a few of them anyways. Michael did the wonderful/tedious/time consuming/money saving deed of tiling. His first project ever was our guest bathroom (aka gabe's bathroom). I was so sick of the yucky, stained, gouged linoleum that never looked clean after i mopped and scrubbed! SO here's a quick look:!!
Here are some before shots i dug up. Talk about disgusting! We put a new toilet seat in, new fixtures, fresh shower curtain and spent and entire weekend stripping that ghastly wallpaper. We painted it a nice turquoise-sea foam color and made it our tropical bathroom. But the floor stayed the same dingy white and kinda took away from the whole cheerful look i was going for.

Ta da!!! Looks wonderful doesn't it!! Michael did SUCH a good job (despite mistakes he claims he can find) he agrees it's quite the improvement! For his first time ever tiling with NO HELP at all... he did awesome. I'm totally in love. with Michael too :)

The pics really dont do it justice. You'll just have to come visit and feel the glorious cool tile on your feet and you'll be amazed!


Anonymous said...

Looks professional but will is stand the (uric) acid test?

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