Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cameron Park Zoo

I love to ride up on Daddy's shoulders! Look at the tigers behind me!

My little gorilla

The guys in front of the bald eagles. The female was missing and eye and the male was missing a chunk of his wing. Since bald eagles are the national emblem they cant be placed in a zoo unless injured. Michael read that on the information plaq by the cage...it was interesting because Michael was angry at first that the ealges were given such a small enclosure. Then we read why and felt better. These birds wouldn't survive on their own in the wild.

Busy little man!

This past Saturday we decided to hit up the zoo in Waco rather than try to tile the kitchen (he'll get to it eventually). It was a well-deserved break for Michael who has tiled both bathrooms and the foyer (and they all look fabulous)! It was pretty crowded at the zoo, we called it the "stroller parade" because it was baby/toddler central. So we fit right in with Gabers. He was more interested in watching the ppl/children walk by him than actually looking at the animals. We want to take he back when he starts walking because the zoo has all kinds of kid stations for them to climb and run on. I had to restrain Michael from going down the slide himself :)

Grams & Gramps Pilon should recognize this teepee. Remember last visit? Gabe was 4 weeks old, freshly casted and slept through the whole visit! Ahh those were the days. My mom predicted we'd come back with Michael....We actually had a warmer day end of Feb when I went with my parents than with Michael. Crazy Texas weather!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the pics! did Michael go down the otter slide?
Love, Mom/TP

Laurie and Mike said...

no! there were too many kids waiting to go down it so we skipped out. The otters were sleeping anyways.

Uncle Wes Dawg said...

Hey Laurie did you teach Gabe how to suck on his fingers?

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