Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gabe was particularly whiny and unhappy the other night. Usually Daddy coming home is the trick (mommy's lame by dinner time/ she's done) but alas that didn't work either. He continued to cry over the littlest of problems (tripping, dogs evading him, not being allowed to chew the remote or bang his toys on the tv...) so finally i made him a paper air plane. genius. Let me tell you, that entertained him till bath time/bedtime!! Of course, in typical Nulkie fashion..he had to make a better faster airplane. But mine was totally better anyway. Besides Gabe doesn't care..he's going to eat it whether it flies well or not!

In other news, this is apparently the month of baby birds! In our new yard i was letting the dogs out and saw two birds trying to dive bomb their heads. This in itself was pretty amusing, but i figured there must be something on the ground they didn't want the dogs after. So i carefully peeked in the grass ( i didn't want to get pecked!) and there were two baby birds. I thought both were already dead so i herded everyone inside and decided to let Nulkie clean up the birdies mess. Turns out only one was dead..the other was in shock..but recovered and was moving around the grass. Michael picked it up and put it in the gutter. The next morning he found it in the dogs water he put it up in the gutter again. We suspect it was very close to learning how to fly..because it's gone now! So are the attack parents. I snapped some pics of baby's a pretty little thing!


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