Friday, June 4, 2010


(disclaimer: this is not Michael's hand..i googled this image for dramatic effect)

We've had a bit of a cockroach problem since moving into Fort Hood Family housing. Three to be exact. In three days..not a good ratio if you ask me. I found the first one when going to use the hall i sat down nonchalantly to relieve myself i notice a large disgusting bug. Naturally i started screaming for Michael. His response is..."oh no, there must be a bug". He was less than sympathetic, but identified it as a cockroach. So he killed that one and it's friend who he found in the closet. So I think phew, close call, end of story.

Oh contrare, my friends. Yesterday after a nice b-fast with Nulkie & chubbo i go to put away his cereal. And what was staring at me from the top corner of the pantry?? Yes, you guessed it. Another cockroach. And this guy was much bigger than my previous encounter. So of course i squeal, gabe laughs at me, and i slam the pantry door shut. Michael had already left for work. I debated for a good 20 mins whether to call him or not..(i knew he'd just laugh at me and tell me to kill it). So i finally thought, pride be damned, I'm calling Michael. So he laughed and laughed and told me to 'man up". Um ew. gross. First of all the stupid thing was not at a good angle and if i hit it, it would likely fall down into the food in the pantry, which i would have to dig through to find it's disgusting carcass (if you can't tell by now, I'm terrified of bugs bigger than my thumbnail). So anyhow, i searched outside in hopes of a helpful neighbor. My freind Alexis calls, i think, surely she'll help me. No. she says just kill it! AHH. So anyhow, i did not "man up" and i went over to Alexis' and had a play date that was cockroach free.
I promise I'm almost done with the story. So my decision about the roach was wait for Nulkie to get home so he could fulfill his husbandly duties (killing large bugs is a tacit agreement in our marriage vows) and squash it himself. As soon as he walked in the door i flung open the pantry to show him...and...
Yeah it was gone. So now i'm paranoid to use my pantry. I beg and plead with micheal to check every item in that pantry or i won't cook dinner. Apparently he took my threat seriously becaue after a little searching he found that sucker in the hot cocoa! Ha! So he crunched it with his foot and that's a wrap. What have i learned from this experience? I do not enjoy fort hood family housing and need to befriend an exterminator. Also, husbands should always lovingly kill big bugs. Don't judge people,..if it was coming out to attack Gabe or the dogs, i certainly would've killed it. But when you have a big strong husband available...why sweat it? Also, i check all corners and floors before i sit or grab anything anymore. Who knows where I'll find the next? (insert Jaws music).

Anyhow, that was excitement for yesterday. We also have a bazillion flies in our house, outside our house...surrounding us and biting us. I currently have like 20 bites on my legs. I miss our old house!!

On a good note, work is going well for Captain Nulk. Looks like he could have (potentially) only 14 working days left here! Wo hoo! We're pretty pumped to move on to bigger and better Missouri? Haha...we are excited to get the Engineer trail back..the dogs will be ecstatic!


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