Sunday, June 13, 2010

Wedding Season

Last night began the first of 5 weddings we will be attending this summer. It was Mike & Rachael's big day...Mike Neel was a fellow XO with Michael in 2-8. The couple seemed really happy and the whole event was very laid back. It took place in a vineyard in Florence, TX and was a beautiful day, albeit hotter than hades!! We had a great night and are looking forward to McGregor & TZ's wedding next!!
Gabe stayed with our babysitter, and no he did not go to sleep for her. Again!
We took some pics under the wedding pagoda thing since it was good lighting. Who knew this gorgeous place existed 30 mins away from Killeen? Part of the drive is a bit like texas chainsaw massacre..but then all of the sudden there's a stunning vineyard with grapes and ponds, horses...huge estates. Way to go Florence!


Anonymous said...

Didn't know they made wine in Texas. Can't see them cowboys drinking wine. Your going to get weddinging out. If you make it back to Spanish Wells you should rent a wreck and spend a few days. NYDdad

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