Monday, June 7, 2010

patton pool

We found a pool! Only 5 mins away! Patton pool is open only exclusively to officers and their guests...we went Saturday and Sunday! We had a blast and neither of my pale guys were sunburned (two thumbs up)! To top it off..on Saturday night we had home made berry shortcake with fresh sweetened whip cream made by yours truly!


Uncle Wes Dawg said...

Wow someone is getting a little more technologically advanced with the photo presentation. How long until Gabe is faster the Michael Phelps?

TP said...

Thanks for the GREAT pics. I am going strawberry picking tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Mary and I agree that the bottom left photo really makes us think of Michael, when he was little - that look.. . .glad you found some of the advantages of your new surroundings as opposed to your uninvited house guests! Love, Carolyn

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