Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hot Date

Last night was a great night..why? Because we went out on date..with NO BABY! We left Gabe with a new babysitter, Sarah. We had hibachi, saw robin hood and enjoyed each other's company. We both agree that if Robin hood wants to be considered a legit war film, it should have been rated R and had a bit more gore. You just didn't feel the brutality of the times. I know it's the history major that comes out in me..but i found the move over-long and a wanna-be gladiator/braveheart/patriot type movie. Russel Crowe plays the same role. I kept calling him Spaniard (which annoyed Michael). Anyhow that fact that this was the first movie we've seen since February and my other option was Iron Man 2 (no thanks), it was good. And now Nulkie owes me Eclipse.
And how was Gabe with the new sitter you might be wondering? Fine, minus the little fact that we wouldn't go to sleep for her. We walked in the door around 10 and find smiling Chubbo sitting in front of the TV. Apparently he screamed bloody murder when she tried to get him to go to sleep. I suspect he was having too much fun with her and didn't want to go to bed! Oh harm done. Other than that they did fine together which eases my mind since she's watching him for a few weddings we have coming up!

Gabe did something cute yesterday. A maintenance guy came to repair the kitchen he was working in there for awhile. Gabe got out his tool box and carried it over to the baby gate and watched the guy while holding his toolbox. Genius!


Anonymous said...

So happy for you both. It makes my heart smile.
Mom N

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