Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's my birthday!

Had a great birthday! Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes/cards and gifts! I woke up to bfast made by nulkie...took a family walk and then had a quick dr. appt. Baby sister is doing great. After that gabe took a 3 hr nap and I got to relax while Nulkie was in class. He picked up fried chicken (at my request) for dinner. SO i'm a happy preggo! You really can't beat fried chicken and ice cream cake. And then some harry potter for a movie night cap. Good stuff! Here's a lil' interview with Gabe. He certainly had no problem chewing birthday cake!


Anonymous said...

How CUTE!!! I can't believe how much he is talking compared to Christmas!! Can't wait to spend more time together in CO.
Mary AKA Nana

Kara said...

I love the clip of Gabe, and I love that you had such a relaxed and wonderful birthday! :)

Uncle Wes Dawg aka "The Glue" said...

"May I have birthday please?" Awesome Gabe quote!

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