Monday, April 4, 2011

 Last Saturday Michael took Gabe to Lowes for their free program for kids...Build & Grow. Even though Gabe was one of the youngest kids there...they had a great time. He got his own work apron and first patch! He helped Daddy hammer in the nails and then they checked out tools. It was a good male-bonding experience. They'll be going this weekend too.
 gabe is very serious about building. No smiling allowed.
 check out my awesome rain boots and rain jacket!
 Lowes is fun!
 This Friday night I got to ditch Michael & Gabe and head to Osage Beach for a ladies weekend. I can't remember the last time i stayed up so late and got so little sleep...but it was worth it! The condo was really cute and all the gals had fun visiting and eating. We had cheese fondue and anything you can imagine to dip in it...then choc. fondue for dessert. On a side note...i had my own special cheese made for me due to my super-sensitive taste buds to spicy! But I was brave and tried the VIP cheese..although my mouth was  burning. Brandi's birthday was Sunday so we celebrated with yummy cupcakes . That's the only time i remembered to whip out my camera and take a pic. Brandi, bless her, brought fried chicken to dip in the cheese. Preggo was very pleased about this! And yes, i was the only preggo. There were 4 nursing babies that attended ladies' night as well.
 How did Nulkie fare?, you might be wondering.  Well he stayed out till 1am playing RISK with some of the other dads. I guess Gabe finally passed out on the couch around 1030. That was after 2 accidents. Poor nulkie...Gabe gets distracted at other freinds' houses and has to be taken to the bathroom or he'll forget he needs to go! Nulkie also lost risk. Disappointing considering he was the only solider in the game. Lame!
Nulkie & Gabe met me at target on Saturday around 11ish. We found Gabe his summer wardrobe and some shorts for Nulkie. We were planning on hiking but Cheeky fell asleep on the way to the park. This was after he ate the biggest hotdog ever! Food coma! So Michael & i had to suffer by sitting on the bed of the truck sipping orange creamsicle milkshakes, watching the water and enjoying the glorious sunshine. All in all, awesome weekend! Today we head to Columbia for Gabe's new brace. Wish us luck!


Kara said...

Love the pics! Sounds like a great weekend, too!

Ahn said...

gabbers gets cuter and cuter. love that little guy.

Carl Crew said...

Yay for ladies weekend!

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