Monday, April 11, 2011

This is how our saturday went:
5am- Nulkie wakes up to hitch ride for pancake breakfast in Crocker (middle of nowhere) Missouri
650ish- I wake up, rush Gabe to potty hoping he's dry (he's not) and then dress him for the day in a half-coma state of sleep and delirium. Then I give him milk. Make bed. Halfheartedly clean kitchen from last night's mess. Then convince myself to put stew in crock pot. This includes cutting up 5 lbs of half-frozen london broil with a dull knife. Not pleased. Finally get to making myself presentable for the day and pack extra shorts for Gabe. Also grab movie to return to blockbuster. Was Black Swan- creepy and still confused.

8:06- finally hit the road for Crocker to meet husband at pancake b-fast. Call him for directions. Stop at shopette for cash. Was supposed to have met him at 8. Will be there more like 830. Finally find VFW after driving through tiny little town. Even though saw about 2 cars on road, parking lot is packed. Meet hubby and then rush Gabe to bathroom. Feast on pancakes and sausage.

930-leave Crocker and head to Hutchinson's for dual-family garage sale. Am given adorable lady bug bedding for future girl and old baby girl clothes (score!) . Peruse for more clothes and pick out some pink cowboy boots for future baby girl. Keep Gabe from running in the road.
10ish- leave sale. Stop at another sale. Turns out it's an auction so we leave. Head to Lowes for build and grow program. Pit stop at Sonic cuz preggo wants a cherry-limeade chiller (it's 90 degrees out) and nulkie wants one too. Finally make it to Lowes. Build pinball thingy. Gabe helps hammer the nails and almost spills nulkie's rt. 44 cherry limeade all over plywood. he keeps asking for "more cherry wimade pweese".
11ish- Leave lowes. drop off creepy movie. finally head back home. Feed gabe meager lunch of grapes and string cheese. Put down for nap. Nulkie falls asleep "reading" on couch. I fall asleep on bed.

315- hear gabe waking up. rush in and take to potty (he's dry this time). wake nulkie up. eat cheetos on couuch. Work on dishes in kitchen, cleaning gabe's room and family room. vacuum. empty dishwasher. Nulkie & gabe go to wash truck and clean it out. I take 1/2 of stew and fresh rolls over to neighbors since they just had a baby. Totally sure I woke them up..oh well. Spill stew on baby belly on way over to drop off stew. back in time to clean up a bit before the lil boys arrive.
545- Caleb (2yrs) and Zane (5 mths) arrive. Their parents have a ball to attend. We watch them till 1020. Finally crash around 11. On Sunday we had stuffed french toast. Made it to church on time (a first!) and then stop by price cutter to pick up steak/drinks/salad stuff for impromptu BBQ in afternoon. Get home, put Gabe down and make pudding pie. Have our neighbors Brian & Priscilla (they're moving to Carson too..yay!) and the Carls over at 4pm. Great time of fellowship and fun! Phew I'm tired after reading this. Hope you all had fun-packed weekends like we did! Nulkie graduates the captain's career course this Friday at 1000am! Sorry no pics, totally forgot.


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