Thursday, April 14, 2011

Mistaken Identity

So about a month ago I was at the Commissary and the deli lady mistook Gabe for a girl. I was naturally aghast that anyone could think my handsome son could look feminine. I mean i certainly don't dress him girly. Fast forward to Tuesday at the park. A man there with his two grandsons asked "So is that a boy or a girl"? I responded nicely, "it's a boy" (while internally seething) and smiled pleasantly. Then Gabe proceeded to poop his pants and I had to pick up turds among the wood-chips using a doggy-poop bag. Good times. Anyways after the two incidences of thinking he was a girl/ numerous comments by my husband that Gabe needed a haircut, we decided that today was the day. I contemplated that his long thick lashes and rosy cheeks combined with his curls might confuse some about his i caved in to the haircut idea (i was very resistant to losing my baby's curls). So we took him down to the PX for a lil' trim. Instead the barber cut off all his hair! No more curls! My poor little baby! I thought the barber understood us when we said just a little off the sides and top. Not a baby high & tight!  Michael held Gabe in his lap the whole haircut. He cried and kept saying "no" most of it. So anyways his sweet blonde curls are no more. I know, i know, hair grows back. And Gabe was happy as a clam once the haircut was over. What's funny is with his new do he looks like a mini-Michael. I'm talking clone. 

 Daddy will save me from the evil razor...

 Wait no, the evil barber took all his hair!
 Final product. I know, still cute. The new shorter 'do makes his eyes look even bigger if possible...and his jaw more square. aka mini-daddy.

Cutie pants! No more mistaking this guy for a girl!


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