Thursday, April 7, 2011

Matching drug rugs with your 2-yr old are all the rage people. You should get on that. I know of a greattttt lil' truck stop outside Moriarty, nm that sells them cheap. Dirt cheap. And look how stylish we are! 
 That lil' blonde cutie I'm standing with is Logan. He's bud of Gabe's and I stole him for the day :) He and Gabe had a great time together. Logan's eating habits put Gabe to shame..he actually chewed his food and cleaned his whole plate! Amazing! He can come play anytime...Gabe won't stop talking about him!
 I have no idea what tactical vehicle this is. I know Nulkie, i should know this. But i don't.
 Nulkie & the boys in front of a Buffalo. These are pretty sweet route clearance vehicles. There was some Engineer expo happening so Nulkie decided we should take the lil' guys over to check out the "big trucks". In reality, Nulkie just wanted to score some more free stuff. After he already had a bag of SWAG (stuff we all get) from his first drive by. Gabe & Logan scored some balls and notepads so that was cute. I'm sure people were confused at how i was so preggers again and carrying around a 2 yr old and 20-mth old.
Apparently Gabe was the only one who got the memo to look at the camera. Thanks for the t-shirt Uncle Brian & Aunt Christina!


Kara said...

Looking lovely as always, Laurie! I'm so jealous that it's warm enough for you to wear shorts and a tank top. :) Those are some adorable little boys and some very cool trucks!

Carl Crew said...

Logan had so much fun with you guys- thanks again :) Great pictures, thanks for sharing!

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