Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Aunt Carolyn Visit!

 Aunt Carolyn came for a visit- it was awesome. She also happened to turn 60 the day before so we had a lil' celebration. We love us any excuse to buy carvel ice cream cake. It's that good people.
 See those coral shoes by the couch? She spoiled me! They're so cute and comfy and now i feel like a hipster...i guess that's what they all wear in California. Right Ahnika?
 Happy Birthday!
 Evie may have scored some Ice cream cake from Aunt Carolyn. after a few tastes i plopped her down on the floor so we could eat our cake. Ha! Evie immediately started crying and giving us dirty looks. She was like no way you're gonna sit there and eat ice cream and not give me any! Little fatty!
 Gabe's smile is priceless.
 New books!
 New hat from Uncle Ron!

 New outfit from Carolyn! See what i mean? She spoils us! We feel SOO SO blessed after this visit!

 Evie watching Aunt Carolyn with disbelief

Aunt Carolyn can you come every month? Thanks for a wonderful visit! And for all the gifts! We love you!


Ahn said...

coral is all the rage this summer.

and that hat is so freaking adorable on gabers.

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