Monday, May 28, 2012

 We had a great Memorial Day weekend! Wes & I packed up the truck with food, clothes, toys, gear, babies and dogs and headed up to the Cabin thursday afternoon. My dad met us there after work and we stayed till monday afternoon. Friday my dad and bro spent most the day putting in the rest of the dock and getting the boat. I was stuck inside with Gabe & Evie- it was a little tough. Gabe had a GI bug working on him so he wasn't himself and Evie's had a little cold. Plus keeping Gabe inside when things are happening outside (dock installation) is like herding cats. Not so fun. But by evening when all the chores were done we took a nice boat ride around the lake.

 Here's Evie rockin' the infant life jacket. She was none too pleased about it.
 Gabe wasn't too pumped about his lifejacket either, but he rallied. He LOVED the boat ride.

 Friday night campfire
 "I do by myself Grandpa. I do by myself". I think he ate like 10 marshmellows.
 Saturday morning (while evie was napping) Grandpa & I took Gabe on a canoe ride..and guess who showed up?
 My favs! A pair of loons were diving for food right in front of us!

 The loons actually swam underwater right near the canoe so my dad & i could see the white checkerboard pattern on their backs! They look like torpedos underwater. Gabe did really good on the ride too. He sat in the middle and had his own little paddle so he "helped".
 Uncle Wes trying to coax Gabe in the water
 "No fank you Uncle wes. It's too cold!"
 Butterball has the best accessories.

 A sunfish for Gabe to look at

 I had to just drag Gabe into the water. He screamed and shrieked and then got over it. WE all cheered as he was kicking that he started laughing and was quite proud of himself!
 Today you couldn't get him out of the water! He swam all by himself and cried when we made him get out because the water is still a little nippy. Probably only in the 60s! Very refreshing :)

 Evening cruise on Saturday. Uncle Wes was picking my mom up from the airport.
 Great blue heron!

 Evie playing with her lifejacket rather than wearing it.
 Helping drive the boat.
Was a really really great weekend. I just love being on the water. I'll post some pics from our Sunday hike on Severance Mountain. 1.2 miles up and Gabe did it!


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looks like a blast! glad you had fun :) LYLC, Nulkie

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