Sunday, May 13, 2012

A few snapshots from Long Island

 We made our way to Long Island this pass Thursday through Sunday. We hit the road Thursday afternoon at 350 and made the 7 o'clock ferry from CT over to Orient, LI. For all those riding the ferry who thought it would be a relaxing, quiet ride over- i'm sorry. Despite Gabe and Evie being the only two children aboard- they were LOUD. From Gabe singing cotton-eye-joe at the top of his lungs while running laps to Eive shrieking and squawking, it was quite the ride!
 Yeah, she may look cute, but oh boy does she voice her opinions. Gone is the quiet as a mouse baby who docilely sat on the floor. In is little-miss-shrieker whose figured out she gets attention when she screams!
 Ah, but she's so stinkin cute!
 Being out on the water was like heaven. Never mind that my children were probably torturing half the passengers, it felt so good to be on a boat! After being land-locked in  central Texas, Missouri and Colorado, seeing open water was beyond delightful. It was like soul food for me. I just love the beach!
 Taking Gabe to the same beach i grew up visiting was so fun!
 Wonderful, isn't it? Gabe loved finding rocks, shells, seaweed. He liked digging holes and stepping in the still-cold water. I can't wait till were back in June and we can swim!
 my kinda view. Just need a shirtless Nulkie in there ;)
 A boy after my own heart. Loves the beach too!
 Love, Gabe & Evie & Wifey

 Happy 9 Months to Miss Evelyn! She just grows more beautiful and fun every day!
 Standing is her favorite. And she is trying to crawl in the worst way. She can actually move backwards on all four but not forwards. She's stuck in reverse and then gets mad that she's moving away from what she wanted. Gabe will walk by with something she wants and now she'll shriek and dive for it! Miss Evie is going to have no problem at all fitting in with Nulks! She can hold her own that's for sure. She has the cutest laugh and crinkles her nose when she smiles big. Her top front teeth are cutting through so she's been a little cranky about it. Overall we just can't get enough of her!
 Gabe giving Ben a haircut. Ben was absolutely wonderful to Gabe! He was so gentle and patient! And talk about hero-worship, Gabe LOVED Ben. I mean anything Ben did, Gabe wanted to do. "Wanna pway wif me Ben? Wanna pway?". If Ben went outside Gabe did. If Ben ate carrots, Gabe shoved 5 in his mouth. It was soooo cute. I wish i had Ben around all the time!
 He was sweet to Evie too. Ben was the main reason for our visit- Saturday was his first Communion. His mom threw a big party and we saw a lot of family.

 Captain America decided to show up.
 Nice abs, dude!
Checking to see what Ben's doing so he can copy it.

Great visit! I'll post more pics later. Hope you all had nice Mother's Days. I'm so thankful to be a mommy and have a great Mom! I'm very blessed indeed!


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Great Mom's day! Three generations of great mom's present! LYLC, Nulkie

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