Monday, May 7, 2012

Indian Ladder Farms

 Chunky face!
Evie stands up holding onto furniture. She'll lock her knees and stand on her tippee toes for a long time now. 
My college friend Sarah came to visit me! She came armed with crafts and games for Gabe which pretty much makes her my hero! Gabe & Evie loved her! And we went out for dinner and saw The Lucky One. That Zac Effron knows how to make a movie. I'm pretty sure he's really short though. And Nulkie looks way better in uniform. Just sayin'.
 Gorgeous spring day at Indian Ladder.
 Gabe met this girl Lily and had fun bossing her around. She kept banging on the windows and he repeatedly informed her that "dere's nothing in dere. dere's nothing in dere".
 Lilac season!
 baby goats!
 This baby goat went right over to Evie and sniffed her.

 Gabe on a five rivers/ice cream date with Grandma.

 apple blossom pic- my mom got a new camera. Lets just say it's awesome! You can probably pick out which pics are hers. So sharp.
 This is why socks never last
 Come fall those apple trees will be full of apples just waiting to be picked...

 Gabe's favorite part is the sand pit full of trucks and diggers. He was more interested in that than the baby animals this year. He did get to pet a baby cow which he told us was his favorite.
 Mmm, cider doughnuts. best doughnuts ever.
 mama's girl.
 I love those fat, dimply hands!


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