Friday, May 18, 2012

Indian Ladder Farms...again!

 I wanted to take this baby goat home. It was so soft and precious!
 "Can I pwease hold dat baby chick?" Who can say no to that face?
 Gabby holding the chick
 "Dis is fun!"
 Supervising toddlers
 Ima stand up here Mom!
 I'm gonna eat this girls shirt!
 Picnics are so fun!
 Gabe & Gabby! He had a blast dragging poor Gabby around the farm! Her curls are the cutest!
Today my friend Kim picked me up and we headed over to Indian Ladder. It was a gorgeous sunny day, so we saw baby animals, let the kids run around outside and had a picnic! She has a 7 mth old son Jonathan, so he and Evie chilled on the picnic blanket. Feeding the kiddos was hilarious. Gabe and Gabby kept taking each others food, or the babies would grab a handful of sandwich or cracker.   It was sooo much fun. Our kids play really well together. Love play dates. Plus Gabe & Evie were exhausted after all that sunshine and totally crashed in the afternoon. Winning!


Anonymous said...

love early summer time!


Wu-zy Whatsit said...

You are SO pretty, Laurie! And your kiddos are too cute. I really want to squeeze Evie's chunky legs. Poor Nathan--he's thinning out now, but I still squeeze his legs all the time. I can't help myself!

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