Monday, May 14, 2012

 Ben's First Communion. Gabe, Evie, Grandpa & I opted to stay home (for the benefit of those trying to hear the service) :)
Evie loves when you plop this basket down next to her. She just digs through it and eventually will dump the entire contents and try to chew on the handles. 
 Dessert spread. This cake my Aunt Liz made was freaking delish. Like i had two pieces and wanted 10 more delish.
 Gabe was the youngest and only blonde in a sea of Italians. That didn't scare him off at all- he did fine keeping up/ terrorizing them. If they were playing a game with a ball- Gabe would take the ball and run away. Or how about a bad mitten? He'd take the paddle and try to pop out the mesh. Good times! I missed Daddy's supervision skills :) By the way, that little girl Julianna,  is 4.5. Gabe's a beast.
 Look who found the only 2 girls at the party and made himself comfortable. He knows what's up. 5 mins later he proceeded to run away with the spinner.
 Schaefflers and Gephardts. A whole lotta Germans!
 Trying to keep Gabe in the picture! Also, i chopped 6 inches off my hair.
Oh the glorious fat rolls! My grandpa says i need to put her on weight watchers!
 Great granddaughters are the best. So are great grandmas. Can you believe she's 77?
 Evie was a big hit at the party.
 Cousin love

 My mom takes good pictures! Kinda makes ya wanna live here right?
Ahh I can't wait to visit again!


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love the pics! thanks for sharing them! LYLC, Nulkie

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