Friday, March 25, 2011

Camping in the family room

What happens when Michael receives his REI dividend (cash back) pluse a 20% off coupon?
He bought this family "car-camping"'s a it can fit 2 adults, 2 babies and 2 dogs. Naturally he had to open up the entire thing and check it out. Gabe "helped" and thought the tent was his very own play place. He wasn't too pleased when the tent went bye bye. He's naked from the waist down still in our potty training ventures. 
Looks pretty fun. Nulkie wanted to camp this weekend...but it's rainy/icy and too cold. These march temperature shifts are a pain! I'm sure we'll be camping before April is over! In other news, i made these for dinner. It's no secret I'm not the biggest Mexican-food fan. I can't stand spicy, nor do I  like beans or green chile or most salsas (breaks my poor new mexican hubby's heart). SO you can imagine that since those are the main ingredients to every mexican meal...not really my preference. But this recipe was easy and pretty tasty (i negated the chili powder)-even to my very irish/german taste buds. Nulkie approved and we had a whole bunch left over to freeze for his lunches! Good stuff.
And for the most exciting news....we found out we'll be moving to Ft. Carson for our next assignment! I woke up to Michael playing Rocky Mountain High by John i think he's pretty excited! Were a little shocked we were given that coveted post...we didn't think we'd get it! So surprise, surprise when we checked his green pages list and saw his future assignment posted was Ft. Carson. I think Nulkie almost fell out of his chair! SO lots of surprises this girl nulk...moving west in the fall! Craziness!


Anonymous said...

it's a BAMF Marmot Limstone 4-P tent.

Anonymous said...

taquitos are magnificent with sadies!

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