Sunday, March 20, 2011

A song to match your mood & Day 9 - A photo of the item you last purchased.

Hmm...well i personally don't know any potty-training this one is all that came to mind. The hallelujah chorus. Why? Because for the last 2.5 days Gabe has been peeing/pooping in the potty with no accidents!!!! Can I get an AMEN???  And we JUST started on Friday. So basically he's awesome and I'm a super proud mama.. I'm also amazed at his progress and success rate. We do take him hourly to the potty- but he's begun to pee on demand when asked! That kid will do anything for a fruit snack. So needless to say, the Nulk household is HIGHLY pleased right now!
   In case any of you are interested, we've been doing the 3-day bare bottom method. I found that pull-ups were a joke and i couldn't catch him in underwear. So nakey's been free as a bird all weekend and loves it. Friday morning we had about 4 accidents and since then nothing. He's begun holding it between trips to the potty and even made it through church and a picnic afterward with no accidents. I read this article for tips. We've modified this method slightly--i don't do a "potty dance" when he goes...he gets a fruit snack. Also i don't plan on having him naked from the waist down for the next 3 months. Maybe the next week..but he seems to do fine as long as we stay on top of taking him to the bathroom. So we'll see. I know there will be more accidents..but considering he's only 2, i think he's doing awesome. Michael & i are determined to get this kiddo turning back now!

Day 9- Recent purchases: 
These shorts were on sale at old navy and only the most comfortable thing ever. Fabulous purchase.
The nightgown is also quite comfy. And the incredible hulk t-shirt was an obvious must buy for Gabe. He loves it!. So online shopping has been good to me this past week!


Anonymous said...

Pants on he ground, pants on the ground, the only way to potty train is with your pants on the ground.

Kara said...

SO EXCITING about the potty training! I read something about the 3-day method too and think it sounds amazing, albeit with some modification. I think I was basically imagining going about it like you are--no pants for a week or two, but forget 3 months, that seems ridiculous. Do you put a diaper on him at night? I'm planning to start Sammy once it's warm enough up here for him not to freeze with no pants on, so, like, June. I'll admit, I'm pretty intimidated by it and scared to start so I love hearing about how other people do it with their kids, and I love that you've done what I've been considering! Go Gabe! Congratulations!

Laurie and Mike said...

yeah we put a diaper on him at night and naptime but tell him that he should stay dry and not get "yucky wet". This morning he actually woke up dry and then peed immediately!he woke up dry from his nap yesterday that's telling me he's starting to pee enough out that he wont go in his sleep. I'm so proud! I agree to wait till warmer weather. I tried in jan. when he turned 2 and he was freezing! So we waited till now and he's doing amazing. I never expected him to be this successful. I was totally intimidated! So fear not! It's only a couple accidents and totally worth the pay off. But the first day you can't plan to accomplish have to just watch them because the minute you turn your back say to wash a dish...that's when they'll go! SO just plan on no chores and pizza!

Kara said...

Excellent! Thanks for the tips, I feel more hopeful that it will go well when we eventually try it. :) And I'm always happy for an excuse not to cook, haha!

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