Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 2 - Tell us about your job.

 Domestic Goddess. That's my title. Or wife, mother and dog-walker extraordinaire.  Toughest/best job in the world! Michael & I are blessed that I can stay home with Gabe and it doesn't stretch our finances. We are pretty conservative in our values of child-rearing and always planned on me staying home with the kids if possible. I had no idea what i was in for being a mom, but it's awesome! Totally exhausting and super-challenging BUT totally rewarding. I can't imagine leaving him with someone else full-time;  I'd really miss the little guy. It's funny, i know i complain about how much work it is...and there are time i definitely need a break, but i wouldn't trade being home with Gabe! The days i feel like a mommy police officer- saying no to everying, constanty correcting- those are hard days. Yet Gabe will completely redeem himself a second later. I learn so much from him too! It's amazing how much he grows and changes daily. He's sweet, funny, affectionate, smart, ornery, and rambunctious all rolled into one HUGE 2 yr old!

I'm still learning my role of being a wife (and a mom) daily. I LOVE being married! I have a great, supportive hubby whose patient with me when i forgot/lost motivation to make dinner or haven't  put away the heaping pile of laundry for days! Sure the mundane tasks of cleaning get old...but I do find satisfaction in having a nice cozy home for Michael to come relax it. It's not always (never) spotless and my dinners can be pretty basic--but its our little refuge wherever we are in the world!
 But seriously, who would want to miss out on this? I took these pics yesterday at the park. It was high 60s, sunny and glorious! Gabe had a blast with daddy going down the "big slides" and swinging.
Love these two. Can't wait to add a lil' gal to the mix! We have a whole lotta love in this family, you couldn't pay me to trade this job!


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