Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hiking...Day 10 - A photo of your favorite place to eat /Day 11 - What's in your makeup bag?

We had a nice lil' hike this afternoon. We saw 56 turtles, 0 crocodiles and 8 elephants who can climb trees (I'll let you decide what is true and false in that statement). Gabe decided we saw 8 elephants so we did. And they also poop in the potty (hey whatever gets him excited about it).  In potty-training news, he got me with an accident yesterday but is really catching on. He stayed dry the whole hike and peed and pooped when we got home! I'm sure some of you are thinking, TMI...too bad. When you're potty-training you'll completely understand. He's starting to tell us when he needs to go and he just started peeing standing up on his stool. It's totally awesome! Don't judge the cleanliness of my toilet because Gabe's aim isn't always spectacular..but he's trying and we are sooo so pleased.

Pretty view of the Big Piney. Michael kindly told Gabe to watch me climbing and see Mommy's "big hiney". Such a sweet man.
Baby bump at 5 months. I look small here but I do finally feel like I'm "popping". I look bigger in the other pic of me. I suspect this little lady is actually measuring normal-sized, as opposed to Gabe who always measured ahead of his due date. We have our big ultrasound tomorrow and were pumped to see "baby sister". Hopefully it re-confirms that baby is indeed a girl!

All the fam. Winsty has the mange again. Lame. But doggies were very happy on the hike. they even took a little dip in the stream.

 Day 10- Favorite Place to eat: These are my two faves of all time. Take me to either one sans Gabe and i'll be happy. I haven't been to cheesecake since before Gabe. I love eating out..even though i do enjoy cooking..it's nice being served and having no cleanup :) The selection of fine dining around Ft. Leonard wood leaves much to be desired. I'm excited to move somewhere else where Michael & I can hit up a fave restaurant on our rare date nights. My fave fast-food joint is Chic-fil-a (which also is not here)..esp the one in ABQ..it had a toddler play-place. Totally win/win!

Day 11- What's in your make-up bag? I don't have a very exciting make-up bag. Frankly i don't wear a lot of it day to day. If i do put some on it's usually concealer, eye liner and mascara. And I'm obsessed with lip gloss and tinted lip balm. I like some mary kay and clinique. But usually I go for what's cheap at the drug store!


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