Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 3 - Your idea of the perfect date.

There's one specific ingredient to a perfect date for gave!! I love'im but not when eating out or trying to watch a movie. Other than that I'm pretty easy to please...dinner somewhere...a movie...just Michael & I..sounds like heaven. When my parents visited we went out to dinner and a movie alone. It felt so quiet at dinner...i think we just stared at each other for the first few minutes soaking up the fact that we didn't have to deal with a screaming toddler! In fact there was another family there with the screaming baby...but it wasn't us that time! Totally awesome!

If money was no object..i'd take one of those helicopter-to a private island-with picnic-and pristine beach like on the bachelor! Abc should sponsor a show for married couples whoare actually making it and send them on exciting dates. Just sayin' i'd sign Micheal & I up for sure!

In new Nulk news- Gabe is now sleeping in a twin bed! We broke down the crib and stored it away in Gabe's closet for "baby sister" as Gabe calls her. We also organzied his toys...filling a box up with rattles, teethers, and various soft toys also for "baby sister". Michael is designing a bed to build for Gabe, so currently he's just on a mattress on the floor. He was a little scared last night, but overall did great. I found him this morning sitting on the mattress holding court with his stuffed animals happy as a clam. The crib is pretty gouged up from Gabe so i think were going to paint it chocolate brown or white. What's your vote? I think we'll paint the changing table/dresser to match and get Gabe bigger one. Or Nulkie will build something. Gotta love having a handy hubby! It's fun to re-purpose things and watch Gabe move on to new stages. He looked SO SMALL in the twin bed! And he never looks small! It was precious with his little body all curled up at the top of the bed.


Kara said...

Hmm, if the wood is light go with white paint so new gouges don't show up so much, and if it's dark wood, go with the chocolate! That was my first thought, but either will look fabulous!

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