Sunday, March 27, 2011

Day 14- A TV show your currently addicted to.

Right now I'm addicted to American Idol. I usually don't watch this show...but randomly I've been watching this season. Michael pretends to not like it..but he watches too. We have our fav guy...Scotty McCreery. He has a very josh turner-esqe voice...which is impressive considering he's 16. He seems to have the most talent on the show this year. We're not very impressed with any of the others and I'm kinda sick of how the judges kiss up to the other lack-luster competitors. As soon as scotty is eliminated (which would stink) i'm done watching. Here's his audition. You should enjoy his voice..Nulkie says it's like "sipping johnny walker blue label". Smooth & delicious.
 We also like Grey's Anatomy. And Nulkie loves Top Shot. Other than that were not big TV watchers. And without DVR i don't think I'd watch much at all. I just loveeeeeee fast forwarding through all the commercials. Or in the case of American Idol...the singers i can't stand! 


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