Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 7 - Your Favorite Photo from your Wedding..and gabe's new bed!

These are my top three...for now! I love all our wedding pics so it's hard for me to boil it down to one absolute fave. It was such an awesome day...Michael & i always wish we could have another big party with all the same people, food (cake) and music again! Even though it was a 6 hr went way too fast!

Gabers update-- I mentioned the new bed (well mattress) and his new bedding finally arrived. I really really wanted to stay in the same lime green, turquoise and blue color theme that his nursery was so i searched the internet for the closest match to all his stuff (i.e. the curtains, the name letters we painted, his baskets and blankets). This is what i found. Not quite as cute as his crib bedding (no turtles or starfish on it), but still pretty cute nonetheless. I opted for cheap white and lime green sheets from walmart rather than the sheets that matched (they were totally overpriced). Gabe was all excited when i put the quilt on his bed and kept saying "fish, fish, fish".
 All his stuffed animal "friends" can fit on his new bed. If even one is missing he asks for it specifically. Tiger is still his favorite and he keeps chewing off the tail. gross.
 Doesn't that little impish smile remind you of Michael? He's sliding off the bed on his belly.
 See the quilt follows my color scheme pretty well. A little more white than i'd prefer...but hopefully i'll be able to bleach out any stains so that's good.
Preparing to jump off! Letters still match pretty well! 


Kara said...

Those are such gorgeous wedding pics! :) And I love Gabe's new bedding, well done. Sammy has a pack of animal friends that he must have nearby at all times too!

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