Monday, November 16, 2009

10 Mths old!

Who is the cutest 10 mth around? This guy. He is now in the double digits of mths which Michael says means he's in the "double digits of cute" too :). The exciting thing is were only 2 mths (and some change) from 12...when Daddy's coming home! Yay!!! Currently Gabe LOVES to sofa surf. He'll walk back and forth across the couch like 6 times before he gets tired. He's getting sturdier every day. He can't pull himself up yet so he will lunge at me and whine until i put him next to the couch! He likes to clap his hands, do eensy weensy spider and patty cake, babble (he's now saying "dada" ocassionally and I have witnesses, jump in his jumperoo (which is pretty close to maxing out), be outside, roll across the floor, play with blocks, any type of music ( he bounces along), flipping through the pages of his books. He's eating more and more "people food". Last night i gave him pot roast, mashed potatoes and cooked carrots. He ate like a champ. He has six teeth and two more top teeth cutting right now. He's such a sweet little baby. He's very contemplative- he'll sit and examine a new toy until he's figured everything out. He loves to open and shut doors on some of his toys. He's still napping twice a day (usually) and has a bath every other night. Bath time = splash time. He goes nuts in there! I mainly end up soaked from his fun! Anyways i think that's all the new news about Gabe. He's getting more hair's just very blonde. I think he definitly favors his Nulk genes...and his eyes are obviously staying blue at this point. He has the same color blue as his handsome daddy, lucky baby! Were doing well here, just getting veryyy impatient to have Michael home. I know were in the home stretch, but we still have 2 holidays to get through. Michael's doing great in Taji...he super busy with all his XO requirements which is helping the days go fast for him. I took these pics of Gabe this morning, that's why he's still in his jammies. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Yeah...he's definetly the cutest 10 month old! And I see a little bit of Mommy in that first pic too!

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