Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Hero!

Whose our hero? This guy! We love him, miss him and 73 days till he's home.... Most of you wake up every morning and have your breakfast and coffee, go to work, and end each day with your spouse...get to see your loved ones when you feel like it. Michael wakes up everyday working for Sapper company in Iraq. He's had 30 days total with his son! We're excited when we get to see each other on the webcam. I'm not complaining...were blessed to have only a 12 mth tour (those who did 15 and a relatively calm one so far. Happy Veteran's day to all those who serve and have served. Especially to Michael's brother Brian...he did a 15 mth tour during the surge. He's in NTC right now for a month of training. And to Matthew, he'll be commissioned as an army officer this May. Here's some pics of my crazy hubby. He still makes us laugh from halfway around the world!


Ahn said...

thank you for your incredible service mike!

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