Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I won't crawl, but I'll swim!

Gabe is a funny little dude. Since about 5 mths or so he's been putting his butt up in the air making up believe it was a sure sign that he'd be a crawler. Oh contrare, my friends. It has been a burning question about Gabe, will he scoot like Mom or crawl like dad? Aka, will he be uncoordinated/slow like mom or super-athletic/high speed like dad (which i know everyone is really secretly thinking)? Well Gabe decided to throw this debate out the window by doing neither. He doesnt crawl, although he gets up on all fours occasionally. He doesnt scoot, although he loves sitting and bouncing. No, he rolls. And i when i say roll, he'll roll across a whole room combined with his little pivot-dragging action he's come up with. So Gabe's decided to move to the beat of his own drum. Although i think he's showing signs of frustration with his mobility. He justs want to try walking all the time- but he can't do it without a couch or help yet because he's enormous and top heavy. But every day he's building those muscles. Anyways, about swimming, the other night I had Gabe in the tub and I was definately in the splash zone. So i moved down away from him to the other end of the tub. He decided to come closer to me, rolled to all fours and then laid flat on his belly in the water. Fear not, there were only a few inches of water in there and he was holding his head up and kicking! What a little genius! So the moral of the story is, not all babies are predictable 'textbook' cases, and Gabe continues to suprise me with new things he learns to do. Basically, meet the next Michaal Phelps (minus the whole pot-smoking incident).


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