Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Festivities

Thumbs up for my first fruit pie- apple raspberry crumb!

Although his face doesn't show it, he is thankful for Daddy! The little stinker was not interested in being photographed. He was all business..aka waiting to be fed.

Thanksgiving crew

da guys

Uncle Matteo is fun!

Thanksgiving was awesome. Everyone we hoped could make it did! The food was fabulous...the ladies out did themselves feeding the masses in style :) We played lots of wii bowling and tennis, cards and board games. On Thanksgiving we had 7 sides to go with the delish 24.4 lb turkey! My mom was pretty sure she'd never seen anyone eat so much meat as Matthew did. So he lived up to his Nulk reputation. Although Wes actually gained the most weight that day. Gabe did great with all the attention and enjoyed eating turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and rolls! He's really starting to enjoy eating table food and prefers to feed himself rather than be spoon fed. I think he was so exhausted by Sunday, that he took almost a 3 hr nap (that never happens anymore) and then slept in till 9:20 this morning! I think he grew too! Everything is going well with us here. We are super excited to be entering December which makes us closer and closer to January!

Michael had a pretty good Thanksgiving too. This was our first thanksgiving apart in 5 yrs... Bummer! But they had lots of turkey and trimmings for the soilders in the mess hall. He's trying to transfer his new platoon leader responsiblities onto a new lt. so he can keep up with all his XO duties. His workload is increasing more and more as they prepare for redeployement back to ft. hood. I hope you all had a great break! I know I'm very thankful for all the support Gabe & I have had from freinds and family this past year. I can't believe were actually making it to the end, in February it felt impossible! But were almost there! Get excited everyone!!

Baby Moses

couch cruising with great grandpa!

the younguns'

The oldies...but goodies too!


Wes Dawg said...

next year we are going to need a 30 pound turkey to feed gabe

Anonymous said...

yes, and i'll be back for operation meathead!
ya'll look like you had a blasty blast. i'm thankful for your support as well...especially you wifey!

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