Monday, November 23, 2009

my first baby

This past Saturday I had to make an investment in the tires. I brought my Dad along so I wouldn't be an easy target to get talked into some ridiculously overpriced set...but i still spent a WAD!! I was very taken a back and wept inwardly- tires are expensive ppl! So I officially did my duty this month to help the economy. Anyways, Michael was interested in this process...researched tires, gave me tips etc. So after I bought them Michael excitedly asks (no demands) a picture of the car, which he referred to as "his first baby" (note me nor the dogs are considered). So here you are Michael, a pic of your first baby, and a pic of your actual baby. And the squishes because they miss you too..sort of.. or at least Bella does :) Love you!

P.S. Is this not the cutest baby ever? Try and show me a cuter one! I love it when it's cold and I get to bundle him up in his winter hat and mittens :)


Anonymous said...

lil gabe is ready for his just waiting for daddy to take him! getting closer one day at a time...thanks for the pics wifey!

Ahn said...

oh my gosh that picture of gabbers on the porch is adorable. well done nulk/pilon genes.

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