Sunday, November 1, 2009

Long Island visit

My mom, Gabe and the dogs and I packed up to head down to long island for a week with my grandparents. We were only a few miles into the trip when the suburban lost all power and coasted to a stop on the side of the road. WE were all fine but perplexed- the suburban had just had a huge work up a few days earlier and seemed to be fine. So anyways we had to call triple A and get a tow and my dad came out too. We quickly transferred everything we could to the Subaru (amazingly everything fit minus the high chair). So my mom and i hit the road about an hour later and made it out there with not other issues. Turns out it was the auto shops fault, they left an alternator wire loose.
We had a great time in Long Island. We took nice walks, admiring the oaks and hickory trees which are just peaking in color down there. Gabe did pretty well minus meal times. The stinker is now starting to rebel at eating baby food..throws a fit every time someone tries to spoon feed him his fruit or veggies. BUT he'll be happy to eat cheerios or cereal or pieces of turkey...! Sooo we think someone wants to move on to table food. Were trying to play hardball and not give him any cheerios until he's eaten some of his regular food. He's starting to take little shuffle steps along the sofa. He moved from one end to the other in Long's pretty cute. He's very proud of himself!


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